Gaming Keyboards

Element Gaming keyboards are tactile precision engineered gaming tools designed to provide the ultimate experience for gamers of all levels. Responsive keys, custom button settings and user friendly features combine to produce a keyboard that places the gamer in complete control.

Ergonomic design

Gamers demand comfort and a device that is comfortable to use will undoubtedly boost performance. And the ultra-modern ergonomic design of all Element Gaming keyboards provides gamers with a versatile and responsive tool. Use the custom button settings to personalise and set up the keyboard exactly as you like it.

Bling up your keyboard with cool and adjustable back-lighting and light up specific keys for easy recognition during hectic bouts of game play. The comfortable keys are set up for easy travelling and with their keen sensitivity are a delight to use.

Top quality build

Built from the highest quality materials Element Gaming keyboards are built to last. Their durable design and rugged construction make them ideal for the frantic and often frenetic pace of PC gaming.

Carbon Mechanical RGB Keyboard

  • Quick Switch Exchange Technology
  • Full customisable backlighting
  • Macro recording feature
  • Kailh Brown mechanical switches
  • Brushed metal texture

RRP £89.99

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Palladium Gaming Keyboard

  • 19 anti-ghost keys, for accurate gaming
  • 7 colour back lit keys, brightness & colour adjustable
  • Solid aircraft grade Aluminium
  • Multi-function FN key combinations

RRP £39.99

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Beryllium Mechanical Red Switch Keyboard

  • Mechanical Key Switches with Individual red LED lights
  • Blue backlighting
  • Removable wrist support

RRP £79.99

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Thorium 300 Gaming Keyboard

  • Premium keyboard
  • Customisable keys
  • LED backlighting
  • Optimised for gamers
  • Heavyweight non-slip design

RRP £29.99

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Thorium 200 Gaming Keyboard

  • LED backlighting
  • Non-slip
  • Dedicated multimedia keys
  • Easy travel keyboard
  • Ergonomic design

RRP £19.99

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Thorium 100 Gaming Keyboard

  • Stylish and ergonomic design
  • Extra WASD keys
  • Key pulling tool included
  • Oversized space bar
  • Sensitive and responsive keys

RRP £17.99

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